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Rihlaa is committed to providing educational tours to Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, and creating an opportunity to experience its rich history, art, nature, culture as well as its Muslim people and language. You can interact with people of different backgrounds and discover the very foundations of tolerance, build self confidence and find inspiration for your future.  

 Our aim is to use the experience in Spain to draw parallels to the challenges faced in our communities today. Most importantly around community cohesion, intercultural dialogue and identity. This will be a unique and exciting experience that will produce some exciting results in terms of developing and nurturing the artistic creativity in you.
Over the years, we have seen the positive impact of our tours on young people providing them with a sense of pride and belonging contrary to all the negative media coverage. Hence, it is crucial for all of us to know about the rich history of Islamic Spain and the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities.


Rihlaa offers a wide range of educational workshops which includes learning about leather crafts, history, ceramics, calligraphy, identity and living in harmony.
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Our tours

With over 15 years of experience in organising educational group tours to Al-Andalus (from which the name Andalusia is derived), we can plan the perfect trip for school students and youth groups across the UK. Get in touch with us now.
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